Our Story

Our story begins when a group of insurance agents felt an industry shift; tides had turned and insurance companies had taken away the freedom of choice for agents and their customers. Feeling restricted yet faithful to client satisfaction, we committed to revolutionizing the insurance industry. As independent insurance advisers, the motto, “we work hard for our customers, not for a company,” is our pledge of leadership and devotion. To provide our customers and agents with options to fit their personalized needs.  We’ve partnered with over 150 carriers to ensure competitively-priced coverage and rates. We navigate through all the options to find the savings.  

Our Family

Spanning 17 states, NavSav is a family of independent insurance agencies shaking up the insurance industry by saying goodbye to limited products and unhappy customers from higher rates – and hello to freedom!

Our Promise

As independent insurance advisers, we work for our customers and deliver an unprecedented insurance experience. We research more coverage and price options than any other company in the market and are able to discover the best protection and value for your needs.

All of the savings. None of the stress.

Our Values


Responsible and responsive with strong people and process


Leverage technology for policyholder and agency member success


Invested interest in success of all stakeholders


Highest standards of ethics

Our Executive Leadership Team

We are an innovative company built by industry leaders with decades of experience and success on both sides of the business. At NavSav, we believe everyone has the right to be valued, supported, and part of a collaborative environment. 

Chief Operating Officer
VP of Finance
SVP Controller
Vice President, Commercial Lines
VP of Operational Excellence


“Not having an insurance background, I was timid about our new start-up insurance agency. Kaylee, Kenny and the NavSav team have worked hard to give us training and access to useful tools. Their partnership has given us the knowledge and confidence we’ve needed to get our business running!”

Spud R., Independent Agency Owner


“Kenny, Kaylee, and the team have been amazing, helping me get my agency opened and running. Their help in getting appointments with superb carriers has been invaluable. This is going to be a long and fruitful working relationship.”

Wesley E., Independent Agency Owner


“After being in the captive insurance market for over 20 years it was time for a change. I cannot begin to thank Kenny and Kaylee for the amazing work and diligent effort in opening my new independent insurance agency. We realized as we began the process, we made the right decision in selecting Kenny’s team to administer the process. Your guidance and direction throughout the process was invaluable. The respect you command in the industry is so important in bringing qualified A+ rated companies to the table. Knowing the market as you do allows us to receive the best possible outcome. We appreciate your efforts in guiding us in selecting what was the “right fit” for us. It was important to us that this transition was the best workable situation, not only for us, but for our employees as well. You were very understanding and compassionate in guiding us to select the most suitable options that work for us.”

Marcus M., Independent Agency Owner


Don’t take our word for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the required training program?

We build a customized training program based on your level of experience and your preferred areas of focus.

What type of commissions can I expect to receive?

Commissions vary based on a number of components such as carrier and policy type but NavSav has worked hard and is committed to get our agency partners the highest level of commissions possible.

Does NavSav offer a service program for clients?

Write and service your own business, or write your business and let NavSav service the customers for a commission split.

How will I be paid?

Commissions are paid monthly, typically the 22nd of the month, with an invoice of policy-level commissions earned and paid by carriers.

How many employees should I have?

How big are your goals? Typically the more investment you make in your agency, the larger your potential earnings long-term. We’ll work with you on startup capital needs to ensure you are set up for success.

How is the transition from a Captive Agent to Independent?

NavSav specializes in helping prior captive agency owners transition to freedom! The independent agent model involves learning more products and systems, however you are rewarded with higher earning potential with improved commissions, close rates and customer retention.