Company Bios

Brent Walters
22 years of captive agency ownership
  • Communicate strategy, mission, and vision
  • Determine resources needed to drive performance
  • Provide direction for accurate organizational functions and design
Candice Walters
14 years within both captive and IA companies, 8 years independent agency ownership
  • Oversees and manages any and all compliance issues
  • Ensure organization is in compliance with laws and regulatory requirements
  • Implement standards to ensure employees are in adherence with internal procedures and policies
  • Responsible for Identifying, preventing, detecting, and correcting noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations
Angie Hebert
19 + years Marketing/ PR professional with focuses in strategic planning, brand management, design, and media buying
  • Oversees National brand, vision, and strategy
  • Agent / Agency partnerships
  • Leading development for retail strategies for entire product portfolio
20+ years of experience maintaining daily IT operations, overseeing network infrastructure, and implementing processes to ensure secure systems
  • Oversees information technology initiatives, strategy, and implementation enterprise wide
  • Manages installation, upgrades, and troubleshoots all aspects of network operation
  • Responsible for vendor relationships of necessary equipment and software for daily IT operations
Ragen Murray
10+ years with a captive insurance agency, working customer service, sales, and leadership
  • Recruiting talent for all necessary roles within agency
  • Executive and entry levels recruitment
  • Agency ownership recruitment
Trevor Bland
VP of Finance
VP of Finance
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