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At NavSav Cannabis, we offer a wide range of New Mexico cannabis manufacturing insurance options.

Our comprehensive insurance offerings include protecting your equipment, facilities, and manufacturing plant, ensuring you’re prepared for potential disruptions like product contamination and batch recalls. We also provide specialized research and development insurance, focus on cannabis manufacturing compliance, and offer product testing coverage. Whether it’s safeguarding your production line, insuring infused products, managing edibles and vape product risks, or securing concentrates manufacturing, our tailored solutions give you the confidence to thrive in the cannabis industry.

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At NavSav, Cannabis, our dispensary insurance solutions are tailored to address the unique risks faced by dispensaries and retail establishments in this dynamic sector.

Dispensary Liability Insurance:

  • Cannabis dispensary insurance
  • Marijuana dispensary coverage
  • Dispensary product liability insurance
  • Dispensary liability insurance
  • Cannabis customer liability coverage

Dispensary Property and Asset Protection:

  • Dispensary theft insurance
  • Cannabis inventory coverage
  • Dispensary property insurance
  • Cannabis security insurance
  • Dispensary cyber insurance
  • Dispensary inventory management

Employee and Business Operations Coverage:

  • Cannabis production line insurance
  • Cannabis infused product insurance
  • Cannabis edibles manufacturing insurance
  • Cannabis vape product insurance
  • Cannabis concentrates manufacturing insurance

Equipment and Stock Protection:

  • Cannabis Finished Stock Coverage
  • Dispensary equipment insurance
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An insurance policy is often the only thing keeping you from financial ruin when the inevitable takes place. As such, your indemnity plan should be something that covers all of your assets. The agents at NavSav Insurance can help you find the insurance policies that fit your lifestyle. Our agents can help you find the best insurance plan to fit your needs. You may also consider bundling protections into one policy for even more convenience.

We're here to assist you in securing your cultivation in the cannabis industry.

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